how we bake it, makes it better

We love baking so much that we obsess over every detail, every ingredient and every recipe to ensure each Bistro Collection®

gourmet dessert and snack is as beautiful inside as it is outside. That every bite tastes as amazing as it looks and every recipe assures a moist texture with the perfect balance of rich flavor and sweet satisfaction.

We bake in small batches and decorate by hand prior to boxing so every Bistro Collection® dessert and snack is crafted to thoroughly wow your guests from the first sight to the very last bite. From moist tender cakes and rich, creamy pies to silky, smooth cheesecakes and decadent brownies, we use only the finest ingredients so our dessert collection tastes as special as the dessert experience itself.

Great celebrations deserve great tasting desserts and gourmet snacks — Welcome to The Bistro Collection.


Operationally friendly packaging is Cash & Carry ready and includes features like reclosable octagon-shaped cake boxes and fold-flat bar and brownie trays for easy portioning and serving.